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Die Comdirect Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Eigenschreibweise comdirect bank) war ein deutsches Kreditinstitut mit Sitz in Quickborn. Sie war mit 2,75 Millionen. Nach dem Login finden Sie unten eine Infobox "Letzte Aktionen" mit Sicherheitsinformationen; Dort werden Datum und Uhrzeit Ihres letzten Logins, Ihre. comdirect ist Ihre erste Adresse für Sparen, Anlegen und Handeln mit Wertpapieren. Smarte Lösungen für Finanzthemen machen Ihnen das Leben leichter.

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Aktuelle Kurse, Charts & News vom Finanzmarkt - Aktien, Fonds, Anleihen, Optionsscheine & Zertifikate im Marktüberblick ▸ zum comdirect Informer. comdirect ist Ihre erste Adresse für Sparen, Anlegen und Handeln mit Wertpapieren. Smarte Lösungen für Finanzthemen machen Ihnen das Leben leichter. Rethinking banking. comdirect was founded in as a subsidiary of Commerzbank. Since its merger with its parent company in November , it has. Hier anmelden für Ihr Online Banking: Girokonto, Depot und Wertpapiere. ▻ comdirect login. Impressum der Website der comdirect – eine Marke der Commerzbank AG. Nach dem Login finden Sie unten eine Infobox "Letzte Aktionen" mit Sicherheitsinformationen; Dort werden Datum und Uhrzeit Ihres letzten Logins, Ihre. Die Comdirect Bank Aktiengesellschaft (Eigenschreibweise comdirect bank) war ein deutsches Kreditinstitut mit Sitz in Quickborn. Sie war mit 2,75 Millionen.

Comdirect In

Comdirect review written by investing professionals. Updated for Everything in one place: pros and cons of fees, trading platform and investor protection. Amazing on the 21century when everything is in English it is not the case for Comdirect. Not to mention the complexity to manage your account. You do need now. Impressum der Website der comdirect – eine Marke der Commerzbank AG. This makes searching a bit complicated. Comdirect has an advanced desktop trading platform with professional charting and great customization. Dion Rozema. Sam says:. Lolo says:. Hi tanja, I recently opened a Casino Game Online Real Money account, and I did filled all the information, then they send another letter again with a coupon, the letter also said it Tipico Ukash Auszahlen be faxed as they have Casino Central the information, the was a mistake with my citizenship and date of birth so I rectified the mistakes and signed, then I faxed it.

In the USA, this card is virtually not accepted. In Germany, the Girocard will serve you wonderfully, since you can practically make any payments with it and you can withdraw cash free of charge within the Euro zone.

If you stick to the following rules, the withdrawing is free of charge for you! If you stick to the withdrawal rules shown above, the Comdirect will never charge you a fee for withdrawing cash.

Just as with me. In the following video tutorial, you can see how the opening of the checking account at the Comdirect works:. In any case, you should open the checking account at the Comdirect before if it is too late, then after the emigration!

We know from our experience that there are many banks — or rather account managers — that cause problems, if the account holder has emigrated.

This is different at the Comdirect! The bank has a lot of experience with German expatriates. It is no coincidence that it offers a phone accessibility around the clock!

If you are in the USA, you can e. At this time, it is late night in Germany, but this does not matter: the Comdirect is there for you.

You get all capital gains credited tax-free! As long as you are still in Germany, you can take the time to build a good reputation at the bank, e.

Use the time to e. That could be very useful for you during the transition. But as described above, you must master the German language good enough.

Up to now, there is no English offering at the bank. Regardless of the nationality, the Comdirect opens bank accounts in Germany for German-speaking people worldwide.

However, it may be that the bank asks for the reason of account opening and the planned use. Especially at a free checking account with many other free services this is important, because the bank wants to avoid the opening of inactive accounts.

That costs the bank money and it has no chance to recoup. For example, the Comdirect earns when you use the bank cards for payments, because the merchant must pay a transaction fee for each payment.

Of course, there are other earning opportunities for the bank, as for example the fees for international transfers or securities orders.

The banks earn most when granting loans. However, these are only granted in principle, if one has the place of residence in Germany. In order to open the checking account, one has to have at least an average creditworthiness rating.

Without a creditworthiness check, one can open a savings Comdirect Tagesgeld Plus. In the end, one deposits money into an account at the bank.

If one is depositing enough money, one can ask for the opening of a bank account later on. Account openings by German citizens in the USA and most often also by US citizens are completed smoothly, especially if one can specify a comprehensive reason when asked.

For example, because one:. In the financial year, the bank was the second largest in Germany by the total value of its balance sheet.

Commerzbank is a member of the Cash Group. On February 26, , mainly Hanseatic merchants, merchant bankers and private bankers founded the Commerzbank and Disconto Bank in Hamburg.

Shipowner C. Woermann was the first chairman of the supervisory board of Commerz- und Disconto-Bank from In Germany, Commerzbank was initially active in Hamburg until branches were built in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main.

After the merger in with the Berliner Bank, founded in , the focus shifted increasingly to Berlin. In the early s, many smaller banks were taken over including the Hessian Bank Association and in it merged with the Mitteldeutsche Creditbank in Frankfurt am Main.

In Commerzbank took a large loan of 20 million dollars in ten-year gold notes at 5. In , during the Great Depression Commerzbank, ran into difficulties.

The Reich government under Chancellor Heinrich Brüning decided in February to merge Commerzbank with Barmer Bankverein , which had a dense branch network in northern and western Germany.

Majority of shares of this bank were bought by the government and the Reichsbank. In , the nationalized shares were then transferred back to private shareholders.

In , the name Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, which had already been used in public, was adopted and the logo changed to "C" with side wings.

Through Aryanization of the property of Jews displaced or murdered during the Holocaust , Commerzbank participated and benefited mostly through brokerage commissions.

From to , Commerzbank opened several subsidiaries in countries occupied by the German Reich , including the Netherlands , Belgium , Estonia and Latvia.

Commerzbank fell back from third to fourth place among the major banks by total assets in the s. Commerzbank stepped up its economic financing activities and started expanding around the globe.

From onwards, the bank's administrative activities were shifted to Frankfurt am Main, which has been its legal domicile since Commerzbank suffered reversals in a disastrous foray into investment banking in the first half decade of the s and eventually shut down its Commerzbank Securities investment banking unit run by Mehmet Dalman and Roman Schmidt after Chairman Klaus-Peter Müller labelled it a "problem child" and a review by consulting firm Mercer Oliver Wyman which concluded that Commerzbank Securities lacked a viable business model.

In late , Commerzbank entered into talks with Petrus Advisers to buy its 7. As of December , the bank's two largest shareholders were the Government of Germany Subsequently, Martin Zielke, Commerzbank's chief executive said that he is ready to step out of its function.

What you could do instead, if you travel to Aachen, is to legitimize yourself via the PostIdent procedure at a local German post office.

I have opened an account at comdirect not long ago, their service is amazing. I only opened a girokonto but not long ago I sent another letter to get the bonus option for purchases reimbursed for a depot, since I have some experience with all kinds of wertpapier I managed to get everything sorted out.

I live in Hungary so I had to go through a German language certified notare and have an apostille certificate added to the paper. It will be very handy once I move over to Germany now to receive my wages and get essential payments going for Internet and other stuff.

They do have English speaking colleagues but mostly will only communicate in German which is not much of a problem. You can leave the account empty for a few weeks without worries.

The bank does not define a duration. From Hungary this works simply and inexpensively with the specialty provider TransferWise.

I regularly use TransferWise for international money transfer with changing currencies. I am an Argentinian resident and citizen. I have also a Polish citizenship.

I will buy a property in Berlin area, and during the next four years my aim is to rent this property and by to live there, when I will be retired.

Is there any possibility to open an account girokonto, or something seemed BEFORE buying my flat, so I could transfer there my money to this purpose and other expenses, and also for deposit the rent?

Thank you a lot. Hello, I have opened a Comdirect account, they have sent me the visa card but not the giroconto card. Is it possible?

What should I do? Also, in which situations I should pay attention for not paying any fees to comdirect? Is online login, sms or tan free of charge?

Which actions need payment? Regarding the other questions: Of course Comdirect do not charge any fees for signing into online banking, and not for sending SMS.

It is possible thought that SMS costs are incurred from your mobile provider, when the message is forwarded abroad.

I still have no reply from Comdirect bank. Please inquire directly at the bank. Depending on the postal delivery each way, this can be very differing in different countries.

We hope you will receive your mail soon. I just want to know if the bank would let me know whether they accept or reject my application so that I could know, not just keep me hanging without anything.

I arrived in Germany two weeks ago and are still using my travel sim and number until I can find a german one.

I have however, already registered my current address. When opening an account, the bank is statutorily obligated to document the residence and tax residence.

In most cases, this is very easy and taken care of together with the legitimization process PostIdent or VideoIdent. It is a good sign when the bank sends you this form, because then the account opening is imminent.

I am residing in Romania and I recently succeeded in opening an Girokonto inkl. Tagesgeld Plus with Comdirect.

There were some hassles because of the identification part and me not knowing any German. They will only sign a Romanian translated form, that has further to be translated back in German.

My solution was identification via Post-Ident during a trip through Germany, where it took less than 10 min without any German word, just with showing the papers and repeating Post-Ident.

I want to ask you following:. Alternatively, is Transferwise better? What are the alternatives and what do you advise for the the money in the Girokonto, a saving or an investment plan?

As one of the benefits of having a DE account is shopping online on German sites, what is the safest payment method to use with Visa Card details, via Comdirect online or better a PayPal with the Visa Card attached?

Congratulations for succeeding re. For transfers between two currency areas, TransferWise is usually less expensive.

This is, why this provider is so successful! Information regarding wealth building with direct banks in Germany are — from us — only available in the German version.

In Germany, there are various payment methods for online shopping. You can decide for yourself, which method you like best.

Personally, I prefer a credit card. Between 2, and 3, Euro should hardly be a problem. In case of higher amounts, it is recommended to discuss the collection with the Comdirect customer service.

Hi I am a Japanese and living in Japan and have no possibility to live in Germany. What document is necessary to identify me to open the account on you?

Should I get the apostille of my passport and send you it with other documents necessary? The post office in Japan does not seem to have the system of PostIdent.

Please, always direct such question to the bank directly. If one lives abroad and is not a German citizen, one needs a good reason for needing the account, a reason the bank can understand.

In exceptional cases, it is possible. Primarily the bank opens accounts for people who live in Germany or are expats.

This makes sense, because the communication as well as the online banking are always done in German language. Hello, I tried to open Visa card in Comdirect but faced following problem.

What to do? Maybe someone already solve such issue. For the previous address, put in the German one again. Print out the account application and then manually strike out the previous address, manually put in the correct one and sign the changed area.

Mail the application to Comdirect. My Ukrainian passport originally issued in Sep , extended till Sep is about to expire in 2 months.

My questions are: 1 Would I be able to open an account at Comdirect? Indeed I lived in Germany in the past and still have an account in Commerzbank.

Would it help? Currently, you cannot open the account from abroad using the online process. There is a PDF application you can get from the Comdirect customer service.

Anyway, do you have a reply to the question, why you want to have an account at a German direct bank, even though you live somewhere else? It is possible that the bank will ask you that.

Just a friendly warning for expats dealing with Comdirect. They currently have 2 apps for Android in the Play store; 1 Comdirect Mobile app and 2 Comdirect app.

Here you can either scan an image or have the app scan your mobile screen for an image and with that make a transaction possible. Since Comdirect will charge for mobileTAN starting september e.

But here it comes: The new app number 2 can only be installed on phones which are running a German localized Play store account. This means I cannot install the new app from the playstore and therefore cannot use the photoTAN app2app function.

Not very expat friendly and a bit strange for an online bank, in my eyes. Do know what you might be getting yourself into if you have to pay for each online transaction that you are doing.

Yes I know you can use iTAN lists, but seriously, who in this day and age carries around lists of codes to perform banking actions. This just is, again in my eyes, not acceptable any more.

Then install the App and switch your account back to you dutch account. You only have to do this once.

I am a minor 17 years old who lives abroad, I am a foreigner. I will come to Germany alone without my guardians.

When I arrive in Germany, can I open a girokonto on my own without the presence of my guardians? Or can I open it online from my home country?

According to German law, you can only be legally competent to do business from the age of But there are no processes for this from abroad.

That does not make any sense for German banks. In more details, I am coming in Germany to do bachelor degree. I will open a blocked account through x patrio, so I should be responsible of opening Girokonto to transfer the monthly allowance to my account.

Is there any document needed from the university that could facilitate opening Girokonto? Comdirect does not offer this type of account.

As far as I know, only Deutsche Bank does that. Once you have arrived in Germany, you can apply for a free checking account at Comdirect.

This is useful for everyday electronic spending. I would like to open an account with Comdirect as an exchange student in Germany.

However, as the application is completely in German, I have gotten very confused about the Visa Card. There are two options available to me: the free Visa card and the Dispositionkarte.

Are you able to tell me the difference between the two? I opened an account in comdirect and I received my cards.

They refused to open me a Dispositionskredit account I have just moved to Germany, so that might be the reason. I have two questions: 1 I can use my VISA card only as a prepaid card, by transferring money to the corresponding account?

And when? The day that I bought it or at the end of the month? Thank you in advance! Yes, congratulations that it has worked with the account opening at one of the best direct banks in Germany.

That is not a naturalness, when you have not established a credit rating in Germany yet. After all, the money on the prepaid card is yours.

Thank you very much! I have one more question concerning the prepaid card. Can I use it in countries with Euro currency withdrawals and payments without any further charges?

I just applied for a new account with ComDirect. I called the Comdirect helpline and they told me that it can also be done via Commerzbank.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. I want my comment to be discarded. Only check this, if you are a computer program. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Portal for clever banking in Germany and abroad. Legitimating through video call! As in almost all countries, also the banks in Germany have to identify their customers beyond doubt.

Therefore, this is nothing special. However, it is special that the Comdirect Bank is one of the first banks that have implemented a convenient ID-procedure via video call.

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Markt-Update Klar Schiff! 17.11.20 Dieser wollte kurzfristige Gewinne durch den Verkauf von Aktien realisieren, konnte das Kreditinstitut aber nicht über das Internet, sondern nur telefonisch erreichen. Euro-Bund Future. OktoberSlot Games Download Pc. Commerzbank-Tochter expandiert. Non-trading fees include charges not directly related to trading, like withdrawal fees or inactivity fees. Anleihen Finder. The customer service is almost non-existant. Durch die Verzögerung der Order entstand dem Kunden ein Nachteil. It Mobile Casinos Paypal great customization options but lacks price alerts. Online Seminare für Wertpapier Trader. Disclaimer: CFDs are complex instruments Moorhuhn 2000 Kostenlos Spielen come with a high Slots Online Free Spins of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Reset filters. Account opening is easy and fully digital for German and Austrian residents, but is complicated and slow for others. You can also create your own layouts with the help of 47 technical indicators. Nasdaq Indikation. Einkaufen während Corona Casino Baccarat so hilfst Du Casino Rees Lieblingsläden. Auch während der globalen Finanzkrise ab blieb das Geschäft stabil, [] die Comdirect Bank profitierte sogar vom Anstieg der Transaktionen im Schalke. In addition to German exchanges, Comdirect provides access to major EU and overseas markets. Comdirect review written by investing professionals. Updated for Everything in one place: pros and cons of fees, trading platform and investor protection. Amazing on the 21century when everything is in English it is not the case for Comdirect. Not to mention the complexity to manage your account. You do need now. In einer Stellungnahme von Comdirect-Vorstand heißt es, man werde nun gemeinsam erarbeiten, “wie die Comdirect in die Commerzbank.

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This App only works with a German number though. Juni Land Index Aktuell Diff. In: Darmstädter Echo. Direkt zu. Commerzbank und Deutsche Telekom schmieden milliardenschweres Internet-Bündnis. MärzS. Despite being a faithful customer of Comdirect for many years, my bank account was terminated and customer service refused to provide Tablet Gewinnspiel explanation for the bank's decision - all they could tell me was that they had Baden Essen Trinken Geniessen Leben legal right to cancel my bank account, just as I too had the right to cancel my bank account on my own accord. Bei den Kundenfavoriten handelt es sich um die Fonds, die von comdirect Kunden in der vergangenen Woche am meisten gekauft wurden. Well since those toy prepaid credit cards are mostly not accepted abroad the bank account is sadly pretty worthless now. In: Berliner Zeitung. So I will Como Escribir Discusion Y Conclusion I've tried requesting a real credit card with a very low limit, but to no avail. The responses were all relevant and helpful. Comdirect In

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Kostenlos DEPOT ERÖFFNEN in 5 Minuten - Schritt für Schritt zum Comdirect Aktiendepot - Teil 1/2 Comdirect In We cannot say anything on how it works abroad, because our specialty are German banks. June 15, at pm. One pays a yearly amount — like an insurance — but does not have to deposit any money on an account. Editorial Team says:. July 30, at am. Thanks Rui m. November 2, at Online Geld Verdienen Ohne Casino. The authorized Ein Wort Mit 4 Buchstaben may e.


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